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Space TMS – how to save two days of work every month with a translation management system?

Translation is a complex process which involves not only the translator’s work, but also that of the person managing the whole project. Without a modern translation management system, at some point the translation agency will find itself in a situation where they will be forced to refuse orders due to spate of work and no time for organising all the translation processes. What are TMS systems and how they support the translator’s work.

Translation management systems – what are they?

TMS systems support translation agencies and freelancers in their work. They centralize, automate and reuse existing content to improve the translation process. TMS systems help manage projects and facilitate translators’ work. The systems use translation memories (TMs) and store data on translation sources. This improves the efficiency and accuracy of every subsequent translation process. Translation management systems, such as Space TMS, are designed to streamline the management of translation projects. Large translation orders typically require the work of several translators. Not always are they based in one office or even in the same country. TMS systems streamline the translation process as if all those involved in the given project worked in the same place.

Without a good TMS, a translation agency which engages in several different (most often minor) translation projects will have problems with effective management of translator database and forwarding orders. A smart translation management system speeds up the work and reduces its cost.

How do TMS systems work?

A translation agency builds its reputation not only by delivering excellent translations done by their cooperating translators. Customers expect perfect quality translations – and always on time. TMS systems, such as Space TMS, can help here. The system automates the entire translation process, from preparing the files (TMS “extracts” the text to be translated while leaving the elements not meant for translation) to placing the translated text in the original documents.

In TMS you can create a database of all cooperating translators and add detailed information on each one (what types of translations they do, whether they are sworn translators, what language pairs they prefer, what their rate is). When a new order appears in the system (registered automatically by the website or added manually), the system recognizes the type and language of the translation. It can thus assign the work to a specific translator. If the customer needs, for example, a standard medical translation from English to Polish, TMS will automatically assign the order to a competent freelancer (who is included in the database). The translator will get an SMS or e-mail notification with information on text volume as well as type of translation and deadline. If the translator decides to take the order, all they need to do is to accept it in the system by logging in to their account.

A TMS system boosts the effectiveness of a translation agency’s operations. Fewer persons work on a project and it takes less time to deliver the translation. You no longer waste time on assigning the order to a specific translator, checking their work, and delivering the translation to the customer. All this is handled by the TMS.