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Patch notes: translator’s profile update and a new type of service

Sit comfortably, because this November evening new features and improvements in Space TMS are coming. At least the work in Space TMS will be more pleasant if the weather can’t be.

Today’s changes will mainly pertain to managing the service provider database: translators, graphic designers, proofreaders. Therefore, we especially recommend this article to VMs in translation agencies — you will discover new useful tools. Enjoy!

Date of registration in the translator’s profile — filtering and sorting

Dear Vendor Managers! It may have so happened that you have already asked the translator several times to add their profile to Space TMS. You presented them with benefits and terms of cooperation, encouraged them, and yet, they still lingered. Do you want to be able to check when exactly the service provider has signed in to the system and have permanent access to this information? No problem. We have just added a new field in the translator’s profile, i.e. the date of registration. This feature will be equally useful for Project Managers. You don’t remember the name of the translator, but you know that they have been providing services to you for about 3 months? Excellent, now you can identify them by registration date! The field is multifunctional — from now on you can sort and filter service providers by registration date. It will significantly speed up the whole process!

A new type of service: localization

Translation agencies specialise in many different fields. We are aware that the industry is constantly developing and that new trends are emerging. So we know that there is a growing need for a holistic approach to the text. It is not enough to translate words from A to B. There is a need for professional, linguistic and stylistic verification, preferably run by a native speaker. The target text must read smoothly and naturally. It needs to sound like it was created, not translated. This is what localization does — adapts a text to the cultural context of the target market. Knowing that localization is increasingly popular among customers, we added it as another type of service.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for new improvements. See you soon!