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Translation management system: a key to effective communication

Language service providers usually rely on diversed staff: some of them are freelancers working remotely, others bring their professional activities to the company’s HQ. Communication is a crucial thing to keep the company properly running. How can it be organised? A proper translation management system is the answer.

There can be numerous therories of communication but when it comes to practice there are two major principals: simplicity and clarity. To achieve that a compay needs to use a translation management system that allows its users on all ends to adress their tasks and needs. A simple misunderstanding or many different ordering forms can lead to chaos, delay or even worse. The customer is seldom forgiving so his patience should never be tested.

Translation management system: not just another spreadsheet

One of good ways to improve the communication is using a standarised form of order. If the translator gets a clear and well organised info at the start of work one can expect him/her to perform better. A very important matter is to set all the potential matters straight: the price, timeline of work, the person who will double check and recieve the work, who to contact in case of any trouble. A good example of this is set by SpaceTMS’s interactive order form.

Computer screen showing an interactive form of SpaceTMS translation management system.

When a project manager sets the new project he/she specifies in the form all kinds of information that answer most of questions right from the start. Using the order form he/she can specify: the client company, both translator’s and LSP’s deadline, set the team of multiple translators or choose a single one from the database, clarify the volume, set the price and translation unit and many more. But not least send source files with notes attatched.

Translation management system as an environment of work

Each project ready to be done should be stored and catalogued clearly in order to be easy to be found at all times. Therefore project managers should work on properly constructed data bases in their translation management systems. The base which one can find in SpaceTMS is an example of an easy to learn and manage project repository.

A computer monitor showing SpaceTMS main screen with projects displayed.

Bear in mind that the clarity of communication between translators and project managers saves time and money. You can enforce it by choosing proper software equiped with easy to learn and well designed tools. The right translation management system should much more than a modified spreadsheet. It should be a whole environment where project managers of your LSP can check all the necessary information, arrange their work and contacts and have access to current and past projects.