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Effective workflow: How to keep it in check with online tools?

Sometimes the key to an effective workflow does not lie in numbers or resources. There is a hidden potential in every team, no matter its size. To unleash it, the manager has to organise both the people and the tools.

There are specific areas which should be secured in the first place. Luckily, we can deal with such priorities with simple and free tools that are accessible to everybody. However, one must of course remember that, in fact, nothing is free on the Internet, so using free tools is often connected to advertising and user data collection. It is vital to have an expert on your team to guide you and warn you about possible inconveniences or dangers.

How does the company structure affect the workflow?

When it comes to achieving goals, democracy is not the best choice. Even though mutual respect should be something biologically programmed in the company’s DNA, some hierarchy must be set. Each employee should know his/her scope of duties and place in the company. It is not about showing superiority (or undermining anyone), but creating a chain of command and distributing responsibilities. The hierarchy puts the company in working order, though, it should never be abused (there are many mechanisms to prevent it).

So what about the tools that make it easier to introduce? Free online project management tools like Trello or Asana can be the answer. It is easy to appoint team leaders and assign tasks and deadlines there. However, as all free tools, they have some limitations.

Swift communication makes the workflow undisturbed

One of the secrets of effective workflow is, of course, proper communication. No delays, no misunderstandings, nothing forgotten, nothing misheard or misread. To make it possible, managers use many free tools such as email or online communicators. Slack, Gmail or Thunderbird are only examples of free tools that can be easily and quickly implemented.

When payments are secured, the workflow is secured

“No money, no honey”, as many said in the older days. No company can run properly without clear and ordered finances. The backbone is naturally, but we can also improve other fields with some help from online tools. One of them is PayPal, which enables international money transfers. Remember to carefully read terms and conditions before starting to use it professionally. Another one is WAVE that has a built-in customisable invoicing system. When a company has multiple clients, it is crucial to have invoices (paid and due) in order.

One tool for all workflow stages

As it was written in the outstanding “Lord of the rings”, one to rule them all. This time, we aren’t talking about magical artefacts, like rings or swords, but about a rather real and easy-to-get tool that has everything a company may need for introducing order and effectiveness.

SpaceTMS is a cloud-based software that harbours communication tools and databases (including for clients and employees) that help create the chain of command and supply, as well as an invoice generator, which makes the process smooth and easy. To see how quickly you can arrange your company in this simple yet not simplistic environment, try out our 30-day free trial.