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Each month, we provide our readers with the update on our industry news and more. The news comes from all over the world, and we have chosen the hottest topics.

1. What’s new in machine translation?

Due to the pandemic, the last quarter of the year is the season of video conferencing and virtual meetings. The world has to go on, but most of the communication has moved online. Not every company can afford a professional in-house translator, so they turn to machine translation tools for help. According to Slator, studies on that matter, conducted by many universities all around the world, are on the rise. China and the USA are leading the race to create all-purpose algorithms. The biggest companies also participate in this race, supporting projects and making partnerships with colleges and universities.

For example, Google’s expert, Łukasz Kaiser, has recently published a paper claiming that machine translation can do better than human translators. Facebook is involved in the works on open-sourced CoVoST V2, a speech-to-text algorithm. Apple is also interested in machine translation and tries to improve it via its Translate app. You can also find the names of Chinese experts from Alibaba under academic research on machine translation at Cornell University.

If you want to know more about this topic, read the whole article at Slator.

2. Microsoft lets their employees work from home

The software giant has taken into consideration the current pandemic situation. Better late than never. The employees can work from home, and thus, avoid spreading the virus. According to Forbes, the home-office can take 50% of the working week. However, the managers will be able to approve permanent remote work if the staff so requests. Part-time working hours will also be available for employees upon the approval of their manager.

Of course, Microsoft is not the first one to introduce such changes, however, it is noteworthy that such giants also apply such solutions. Working in a cloud-based environment is a way of keeping the company effective while keeping the employees safe.

Read more at Forbes website.

3. AI that mimics the user’s voice has just been launched. Scary? No, rather useful!

Yes, it may sound scary, but in fact, it can be super useful. has recently launched AI capable of translating speech that can mimic the speaker’s voice at the same time. Let us rephrase that: your tone will remain intact, and the message will reach the recipient in the language of your choice. Sounds amazing!

Read more on MuliLingual.

Despite the pandemic, we keep our finger on the pulse of the international language industry. To keep your finger on the pulse of your company, remember to keep it safe and efficient. We have described a strategy that can bring you all the help you need in such hard times. Check it out here.